The stuff we collect

Do you have a lot of stuff? You know what I’m talking about, things that you hold onto because someday you might need or use it? The older I get, the more of this stuff I have. Gifts that people gave me that I’ll never use. Things that I bought for myself that won’t work out. Clothing that is hopelessly outdated that I might someday be able to “fit into” once again. (Let’s not even talk about my book collection or the various “important papers” that should be filed.)

Two years ago I moved from a house into my townhouse. I had more storage space in the house, so of course, I had more places to “hide” all the stuff that I’d accumulated. Part of the reason I downsized was to have less stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot less stuff, I just have less space. It makes me feel claustrophobic and unproductive.

They say clutter is depression. A few weeks ago I went through my house and eliminated quite a bit of clutter. Now, I’m going to go through again with a firmer hand. Closets, boxes, shelves. It’s time to donate a few gently or never used items.

Do you have a clutter problem or is there a place for everything and is everything is in its place?

Today’s goal: Take my daughter to August Rush
Yesterday’s accomplishments: I got that pesky U3 off my flash drive
What I’m grateful for: Good customer service at Best Buy