All in a day's reading

Today I'm reading a book by an author that has been around for a long time. The reason I state this is because I've encountered all sorts of things that make me wonder if an unpublished author tried to submit this exact story, whether they would be able to get it published. The funny thing is, I really have enjoyed the book. As a matter of fact, I've enjoyed it a lot more than some things I've read by newer authors. It has a very simple conflict for one thing. By simple I don't mean weak, I mean there isn't a lot of tragic past for either the hero or heroine that point to childhood trauma or hurts. They, very simply, wounded each other years earlier and are trying to find their way back from that hurt. There's not a lot of snappy dialogue exchanges that go no where. There's not a lot of hot sexual drama. There is, however, conversation about why they can't be together. And there's emotional tension between them.

The writer's voice doesn't knock me out. There's a lot of day to day stuff that happens that is fairly mundane and has nothing to do with the romance. It's not the sort of story that I would have guessed would keep me interested. There's no mystery to keep the pages turning. Not a lot of sexual tension. I'm utterly baffled. But unlike many short contemporary books I've picked up lately, I started it, and I'm going to finish it.

Every book I read teaches me something about my own writing. I haven't yet determined what this one has taught me, but when I do, I'll come back and revisit this post.

Today goal: Get another contest entry judged
Yesterday's accomplishment: Saw Golden Compass
What I'm grateful for: Days when the weather people are wrong about it snowing 4-6 inches