Pardon my lapse

After a too long absence, I’m back to blogging. As a writer, I shouldn’t have trouble pounding out a couple hundred words, and heaven knows I have enough to talk about. Am I interesting? My daughter thinks I am (aren’t 8 year olds great?). So, I’ve decided to get over myself and get back to thinking out loud.

Today’s topic is Podcasts. Specifically Will Write For Wine. Lani Diane Rich and Samantha Graves are the brain child (children) behind the hour long (or short) podcasts that pair great information on writing, wine and misc. stuff with a whole lot of laughter. Seriously, if you can get through an entire podcast without grinning once I’ll send you a brand new twenty dollar bill. Their topics run the gamut from serious writing help to just plain fun, but I’ve never walked away without learning something.

I have an iPod and download the podcasts from iTunes. You can subscribe (it’s free) and each time they upload a new podcast to iTunes, you automatically get the new episodes. You can also download the podcasts off their website (but iTunes is so much easier and did I mention automatic?). And you don’t need to own an iPod. You can listen to the podcasts on your computer through iTunes.

I’d like to send out a thanks for kicking me in the butt to Lexi Connor.

Today’s Goal: If I’m going to spend 2 hours revising, please let it be on more than 1-500 word scene
Yesterday’s Accomplishments: 2 hours spent revising
I’m Grateful For: All my amazing writer friends who inspire me daily