I won the Golden Heart

Golden Heart winners me (series contemporary), Liz Selvig (single title) and Elisa Beatty (regency) at lunch on Saturday.

Thanks Anne, Kelly, Marcy, and Annette. You guys are awesome.

Fake Fiancee, Real Love won the Golden Heart in the Series Contemporary category.

I can scarcely believe it's true. If not for the necklace and the photos of me standing at the podium, I would think it was all one big dream.

Fellow Golden Heart winner Angi Morgan (series contemporary, suspense/adventure), Harlequin Intrigue author and fellow Marsal Lyon Literary Agency client.

It was an incredible conference. One thing about having an agent and finaling in the Golden Heart, I was mostly fearless about introducing myself people I recognized but never had the guts to approach before. Maybe a little too fearless, but any crazy behavior, I'm writing off to the adrenaline surge of being a Golden Heart finalist.

Some examples:

I stopped Robyn Carr and gushed. She is not only an incredible writer, but a lovely person. If you want to learn how to write conflict, read her books. Especially her 2010 A Summer In Sonoma (which I finished on the plane).

I had a book signed by 2010 Rita winner Kristin Higgins and thanked her for her kind words on a contest she'd judged almost 2 years ago. She remembered the story. Totally made my day.

I teased Barbara Poelle about her back and forth with Janet Reid and chatted with her client, the incredible Sophie Littlefield, who is as sweet as she is talented.

At the Harlequin Pajama Party, I met the Mills and Boone editor who read my entry for the last Presents contest. She not only remembered my name, but also my voice. She was gracious and lovely and her accent made me smile.

Here's a picture of the woman who kept me sane and on track. My CP and roommate, Lexi Connor. I never would have gotten through the weekend without her. The win wouldn't have been as wonderful without her to share it with.