Less than 3k left to go

And I'm struggling to finish. This week at work is HORRIBLE because we're in training which means I'm working extra hours to get my regular stuff done.

The wrap up for the single title is challenging and I'm too tired to think straight. But I'm determined to get it done this week.

Bought my iPad to celebrate hitting 90k, but haven't opened it yet. Are you impressed with my willpower?

Previewed my soon to be new website today. I'm really excited about it. More to come on it. I'm scheduled to appear on the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood with my Minnesota chaptermates on July 20th and Elisabeth Naughton's blog on July 22nd and my new look will be ready just in time for that and for Nationals.

I'll let you know as soon as I open the iPad if I LOVE it or not. Hahaha, as if I'd hate it.

Have you splurged on anything lately?