One quarter down, three to go

To my surprise, I've hit the first turning point in the single title. Normally this would be the half way point in a short contemporary. By this time my characters would be at their big love scene, the midpoint of the book.

From here on, I would be struggling through the sagging middle, on my way to the end. Instead, I'm barely out of the book's set up.

To keep from getting really overwhelmed with the length, I'm treating the writing like 2 short contemporaries. In my mind, I'm half way through the first month's worth of writing. I wrote two short contemporaries back to back in January and February. That's the way I'm visualizing this.

Anything to trick myself into not freaking out, right?

This week marked 20 weeks my sub has been at SIlhouette. In the scheme of things, it's not very long. My longest wait was 9 months. That wait didn't feel nearly as long as this one.

What's your longest wait to hear back on a submission?