Spring fever anyone?

Despite days of sunshine and temps above freezing, I've been whiny and crabby. February and March are the hardest months of winter for me. By now, I've made it through 4 months of cold and snow and I've reached the point where I can't take it any more.

Here's a look at my parents enjoying a vacation in Florida while I'm stuck here in the frozen (melting) tundra. Don't they look happy?

My best friend has been calling me all week to talk about new flooring for her house. She's been making the rounds of the home improvement stores and debating laminate, carpet and hard wood.

I asked her if she really needs new flooring or if she's just desperate for something to think about besides winter. It's a little of both.

I know the feeling. For the last 9 years, I've been looking at buying a convertible. Now, you're thinking to yourself, this woman lives in Minnesota. Why the heck would she want a car she can't enjoy 9 months of the year. It's because those three months of nice weather need to be appreciated to the fullest extent.

I have my heart set on a convertible Mini Cooper. They are fun to drive, get great gas mileage and have terrific reliability. A week ago, I found a used one on line at a great price for the age and mileage. Too bad my finances don't allow me to jump at it. I'm forcing myself to wait another year when I should be able to pay cash for the car.

In the meantime, because I needed something new in my life to cheer me up, I got a new cell phone. It's blue. And I added the internet for $10/month.

Is my life exciting or what?