Warning, two dimensional hero!

I started my revisions this week.

I read through the entire story from just my hero's POV. I chose to start with him because my heroine drives the story. She is the prime protagonist and goes through more.

My hero drifts through the story, tackling business difficulties having to do with the heroine, but not dealing with a big personal issue that only partially involves her.

Because his big goals are mostly solved prior to the start of the story, he's reactive in the story instead of active. This means he doesn't leap off the page with energy. Toward the end he does act and that's when I started to like him better.

What an eye opener this has been. I've never tackled a story from one POV before. I got completely confused in the middle of the book because the hero didn't explain why he acted a certain way (not in his POV) before it happened or after when he should have been reacting to his actions.

I made lots of notes and I'm going to type them up like a revision letter to myself. Then, I need to solve the problems in my mind before I tackle them on paper.

Revising is really hard work. I wish the darn book would fix itself. Or that the magical elves would do it why I was sleeping.

Next step: Read through in the heroine's POV. Should prove interesting.