A new month, a new book.

I've updated my WIP bar on the side. I've gone from done to starting all over again. A new book, not a revision. I'm saving revisions for the end of March, beginning of April when I've had a little distance.

In the last story, the characters had built in conflict because of a past relationship. Reunion stories are fun to write. So much baggage to deal with.

This story requires me to dig a little deeper for his conflict because it isn't based on past events, but current situations. That makes it harder to write compelling conflict. My hero just isn't tortured enough yet. That means I need to establish what he believes in. What his values are. And make certain the heroine is the exact opposite of those things.

My hero is big on image. From childhood, he learned from his mother how important face is. Everything he's done has been guided by not what he wants, but what he believes he should do given the circumstance. Since many things run contrary to his desires, he has struggled long and hard to be disciplined.

Enter my heroine who is going to blow the lid off. She's going to drive him crazy and get him into one scrap after another. It should be fun.

I don't usually write a free spirit as my heroine. Already she's taking over the book. Both the hero and I might be in for a crazy ride.

We all put a bit of ourselves into our characters. I'm definitely more like my hero in this book. I'm modeling the heroine after my daughter.

Do you have particular characteristics that you write into your hero and heroine? Ever feel like stretching into something completely different?