Why am I bored?

In my resolution to read more, I'm trying to devote some part of my evenings to my rather large and daunting TBR pile. Last night I picked up a Prsents and began to read. The prose was strong. The hero, alpha and sexy. The heroine heartwarmingly troubled. Their conflict solid.

So, why was I bored?

After thinking about it for a bit, I came to the conclusion that although there was conflict in the story, the characters didn't have the sort of push and pull chemistry that I find interesting. The hero kept being alpha. The heroine protested, but then let him have his way. At no point did I wonder if they were going to get together because the hero got whatever he wanted from the heroine. Where's the tension in that for the reader? What compels me to keep reading?

How about you? Run into any books that left you flat? What does it teach you about your own writing?