Welcome to the black moment

I've hit that all is lost moment in my story.

The heroine has completely screwed up all her relationships thanks to her stubborn need to take care of everything herself.

The hero has yelled at her because of this fact and walked away.

She's staring after him realizing the only man she'll ever love hates her.

And I'm wondering, where the hell do I go from here?

Now, if I was a plotter, I'd have the rest of the book all figured out. In fact, I would have had the entire book laid out scene by scene.

I'm not a plotter. I'm a pantser. Although I will admit I've tried plotting. I suck at it.

Here's how I wrote this book.

Chapter 1. I stared at the blank screen not knowing how to get the hero and heroine together for the first time. See, this is a reunion story. They had a chance meeting five years ago and spent a long weekend whooping it up (if you know what I mean). His father cheated on his mother for 15 or so years and that's my hero's backstory and inner conflict. Naturally, I had to make the heroine married the first time they met. She had left her husband, but it didn't much matter to our hero. He's got issues.

So after no contact for 5 years, how do you get them together? I wasn't going to make it a coincidental meeting. I decided to throw them together because she provides a service he needs. Enter his best friend and an outrageous bet. It popped into my head out of nowhere and actually gave me the idea for the next book about the 3 brothers. There's a wager in the first book so I thought, why not have that tie them all together.

Once I got that much figured out the rest of the book flowed. He doesn't trust her but he never got over her and has unfinished business (i.e. he wants to have lots of sex with her so he can get her out of his system.) She had a miserable marriage and has sworn never to remarry, but she also has unfinished business with him (see above.)

That conflict got me through most of the book, but it wasn't quite enough to carry the entire story so I threw an ex-husband with money problems into the mix to shake things even more. And his parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and renewing their vows. Wow, that's got him all stirred up.

Now, I've hit the 3/4 mark. The black moment. And I have to get them back together, but first, they must apply the things they've learned about each other and about themselves so they might overcome the barriers that keep them apart. It's just that next meeting between them that is going to be tough. You have to get them back together without resolving all their issues because they've not completely evolved yet.

Got any advice how to proceed?