I'm on page 125 of a 176 page revision and it's going a lot slower than I initially thought it would.

I love to rewrite. It's when I mold and shape all the raw material into something amazing.

Or in this case, remold and reshape.

I'm not exactly sure how many revisions this story has gone through. I do know that I finished the initial draft in July 2007. Then it sat around for a year or so because I was really stuck for how to make it work for Desire.

Along came the Desire pitch in 2008. I scrambled to rewrite the beginning and smooth out the rough edges.

But it languished some more until this fall when my agent offered her suggestions for how it could be improved.

This latest version is such a far cry from the first draft. It demonstrates 2 plus years of learning my craft and trusting in the basic story. I'm not going to hope that this is the last version of the story. I'm only going to work hard to make sure it's a better version.

When it's contained within the front and back of a Desire cover, then I'll say it's the last version. Until then, I'll revise on.

How about you? Do you revise multiple times or move on to something new?