New month, new book

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet. Spent the long weekend recovering from writing 50k in 24 days. I still can't believe I did that.

Today is December 1st. And I've started a new story. Although, technically it's not brand new. I started writing it a decade ago as a romantic suspense. I'm going to turn it into a Desire. It's a twist on a secret baby story. A bunch of stuff is written but it needs a major overhaul to make it work.

I wasn't ready to tackle something brand new like I did last month, so this is going to be a partial rewrite, partial write and I'm hoping to get it done by December 31st.

It's another story where the hero and heroine are both dark. I'm not sure why these dark heroes appeal to me so much. I'm going to lighten the story by inserting a cute baby. Nothing like an infant to make a tough guy lovable.

How are you doing post NaNo? Or if you didn't attempt Nano, how are you feeling motivated as the year comes to a close?