Where does the time go?

Sheesh. A month has gone by since I last updated. This means I'm failing terribly in my goal of posting twice a week.

You might wonder what I've been doing. Or you might not care at all. I haven't been doing much writing (altho I have done a little.) I can sum up much of the month of September by saying I've been judging contests (Golden Rose and Finally A Bride) and critiquing and editing.

I'm working my way through the cd of 2009 National workshops I didn't attend. Lots of good stuff there. I've take up Yoga. I'm meditating.

Oh, and I won a tiara for finaling with 6 books during 2008. When I get it, I will post a picture of me in it. It's a huge thrill. I've wanted one for 3 years, ever since I joined the Contest Divas loop.

I'm working on a chapter to send to the Harlequin Presents contest.

I attended Midwest Fiction Writer's Fall Harvest Workshop featuring Michael Hague.

And last, but definitely the coolest, most amazing thing is I now have an agent.

Life is good.

Today's goal: Send off the judged FAB entries
Yesterday's accomplishment: Finished last Golden Rose entry
Quote: "Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement." -Barry Lepatner