Let's go bigger...

Perfect Union. Isn't she pretty?

So, last week, Erik called me. He had his eye on a new boat. A bigger, better boat. 4 feet bigger and 2 feet wider.

Now, the thought of threading an extra 2 feet into our slip is daunting, but having an engine we can actually find replacement parts for sort of makes me want to do a happy dance. And four extra feet in length and two more in width, it makes me grin. I was impressed with our 27 footer. Imagine what we can do with all that extra footage. Can you say party boat?

Below we have an oven. Why do you need an oven on a boat? Well...we'll find a use for it. We have a booth with a table (not just a bench with a folddown table like in the old boat. We have a place to store wine bottles. No more rattling in the "liquor" cabinet.

It desperately needs some cleaning, but we're really good at that. I can't wait to get her in the water and see how she goes.


We took her out tonight. She's seaworthy. The engine purrs instead of chugs. I can't yet tell you how she goes under sail because we haven't gotten them up yet. Too busy cleaning. Oh, we're bust-a-gut pleased with our new purchase. I think the word is giddy. Silly smiles all around.