Happy Valentine's Day

Today I'm celebrating by going to see the movie He's Not That Into You.  A strange choice for this day of love I'm sure, but I'm child free for the weekend and must take advantage of this opportunity to see PG-13 and R rated flicks.

The rest of the weekend I'm going to spend either editing or working on getting my house organized.

How are you spending this romantic day dedicate to lovers everywhere?


The movie was not as depressing as I worried it might be.  Some interesting POV on attraction, love, dating, and expectations about those things

Update 2:

Went to see Push.  Love the whole Urban Fantasy thing, so of course, I had to check it out.  It's slow in some parts, but it has an interesting premise.  The setting was Hong Kong which was cool.  And in the end there's a twisty and convoluted slight of hand with a bunch of shiny black cases.

Now, I've got to talk about the audience.  It was a really weird collection of people.  This theatre's in the suburbs.  Normally when I go to an afternoon movie, it's white chicks like me or some vanilla looking teenagers.  The theatre was filled with all sorts of kids who look like they'd stumbled out of the inner city and a bunch of overweight middle-aged people.  No offense to anyone.  I'm just not used to being the minority at that theatre.  Oh, and people, don't bring your infants to the movies.  And kids, if you come to see a movie, let's not lay down on the seats and talk through the whole thing, okay?  It disturbs the other patrons. Thanks.