Auditions and opportunities

This week, my daughter's music teacher sent home a flyer for auditions for Les Miserables being held at the nearby high school. They're looking for a little girl 8-10, fragile and delicate, with a sweet singing voice to play the part of Colette, the main character's daughter. So, we headed off to audition.

Talk about not being prepared. We hadn't picked (or rehearsed) a song for her to sing. And we certainly hadn't practiced the song she would be singing in the show. I'd briefly considered playing the song for her a couple times before we went, but I didn't really figure she had a shot of getting the part, so I didn't want her to get all excited.

One girl had practiced the song for 2 months. She's a grade ahead of Emily and had the lead in the 4th and 5th grade Christmas musical. Another little girl sure looked the part of waif and has the extra experience of summer stock thanks to her parents who run a Shakespeare theatre group in the summer.

One thing for certain, it was a good experience for Emily to audition. She sang Silent Night and then they had her do the first verse of the song. She can read music thanks to her piano lessons and she picks up music pretty quick so I'm sure she did fairly well. But with the competition she faces, I can't imagine she'll get the role.

I'm not sure my mother will survive the disappointment if she doesn't.

Today's goal: We're seeing The Man of LaMancha at the local theatre
Yesterday's achievement: Finished chapter 11
What I'm grateful for: My darling daughter and her very theatrical nature that makes her a star to all who meet her
Quote: "Working in the theater has a lot in common with unemployment." -Arthur Gingold