Why I enter chapter contests

There was a thread on the Contest Divas loop about the benefits of entering contests. I think most of us agree that we enter for feedback and the opportunity to have our work looked at by the final judges who are usually editors or agents.

Then there is the extra bonus of going to the conference and being able to accept your prize in person. That's pretty cool. Often they give you a ribbon to wear and you get to feel like a star for a couple days.

You may also get first pick of editor/agent appointments. And get to thank in person the editor/agent that placed you.

People may e-mail you and say that they liked your story.

The contest win looks great on a query letter.

And unexpected happens. An agent attending the conference--one who doesn't accept unsolicited queries--offers you a chance to contact her.

In the long run, contests are still just a stepping stone. You have to wow everyone with your writing to sell. But all these perks are sure nice while you're waiting for The Call.

Today's goal: Get my Gotcha entry finished.
Yesterday's achievement: Took my daughter to Madagascar 2
What I'm grateful for: The above mentioned stuff.
Quote: "There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity." -General Douglas MacArthur (1880 - 1964)