Yesterday I got back my entries from the 2008 Maggie Contest for Bound By Duty. This was its first contest and it was in a very early stage of development. I often toss in WIP early on to see if I'm on the right track. I gotta remember in the future, to look for contests that don't require a synopsis. My ending was rough (I'm still not sure how to handle things) and I know I lost points for that.

One of the judges helped me a lot by pointing out that the hero changes in the middle of the scene. Originally the story had a little different plot. The hero was in full pursuit of the heroine and that's what this little scene showed. Later, however, I changed the storyline, making him refuse (mightily) to give into the feelings for the heroine. Unfortunately, because this scene was so yummy, I left original pursuit angle. He comes onto her. For what follows later, this doesn't work. So, I changed the entry into the kiss. She backs him into it, instead of the other way around. What he said, she now says. It syncs up with the storyline and the tone for the rest of the book. Nothing is lost in the scene, in fact, I think it gains some momentum.

Have you ever done that? Switched who says what in a scene to give it a completely different flavor?

Today's goal: Finish chapter 7
Yesterday's accomplishment: Fought with hero and kept him from changing mid book.
What I'm grateful for: Good advice
Quote: "Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do." -Bob Dylan (1941 - ), "To Ramona"