Getting to know you...

Plotter or Pantser. I don’t think anyone can write a book without knowing about their characters. I’ve read advice that says sit down and interview your characters. I hate doing that. I’d rather jump into the story. Usually I know their family background and what baggage they carry around. I have an idea why they’re in conflict, and I make darn sure early on that there’s both internal and external issues keeping them apart.

In an effort to streamline my process, I’m developing a series of spreadsheets that I work on before I start and as I go. It’s amazing how much things change after the first chapter or so. One of the things I’ve recently added, I’ve used in the past and let fall by the wayside. As I try and fill them in now, I see why I stopped using the list. I’m finding it darn hard to come up with answers. Which makes me ask myself: How well do I know my characters?

Here’s the list I’m using. Some are easier than others. How about you? Can you answer each of these things about your character? What is the hardest to answer? What’s the easiest?

good character trait
bad character trait
quirk--a peculiarity of constitution or temperament
physical habit
secret passion
who he owes
family alive
public self
private self
best friend

Today's goal: Fill in my plotting charts
Yesterday's accomplishment: Edited chs 1-3 of Meddling.
What I'm grateful for: I feel less like death warmed over today. Summer colds are no fun.
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