Back in Athens

Hello from Athens. We have returned to the same lovely hotel we used before leaving for the Ionian Islands and was I glad to see George's handsome face. The trip from Vonaki harbor was 300 kilometers (220 of it mostly straight) and took us 5-1/2 hours. Which was better than the 10 hours on the trip there.

I can't begin to tell you how amazing the sailing trip was. It's rather overwhelming at this point. I do, however, have a couple lovely photos.

The first picture is Kioni on the Island of Ithaca. It's a beautiful little town. Picturesque doesn't begin to describe it. We hiked half way up the switchbacked road to get this picture, but gave up heading all the way up because of the heat. Retired to a taverna by the water, drank retsina and ate yogert with honey instead. The next morning we did make the climb at about 6:30 to see the windmill at the top. I was hoping for a sunrise, but we didn't make it for that.

The second photo looks down on our boat and some of our crew. At two stops we were unable to pull up to the quay and dock so we anchored and took the dingy in. This town is Fiskado on the Island of Keffalonia. Another lovely town. In the days to come I'll write more about it.

The last photo is taken from a town called Spartocholi. Really, there wasn't a single bad view anywhere we went. The water is incredible. And clear. I got shots of sea urchins from the dock in Kioni that don't even look like they're under water. Everywhere you look there's an scraggy island rising out of the Ionian Sea. We had light wind, but our 43 ft boat did do 6.7 knots one day.

I managed not to get sunburned. I ate some fabulous new Greek dishes (things I'll never find at home) and spent a lovely time with 6 other lovely people. We met some lovely brits (tons o' brits) and Sonia had an opportunity to chat with some Swedish fellows. We met a couple of Canadian girls working in Sivota's coffee/bar/internet cafe and one guy from Minnesota.

I winked and smiled at a lot of Greek men, received one marriage offer and had the best time ever. Can't wait to go back.

Oh, and I received word that Bending to Blackmail won the 2008 Four Season's Contest! YEAH!