The End

Hello I'm back. No, I'm not ending the blog. I'm signaling the end of revisions and rewriting on my manuscript. It's in the mail to the GH and also to Silhouette. Yesterday I didn't feel pumped about the send off. After sweating over the story for 2 months I should have felt like cheering, or collapsing with relief, but all I could do was sigh and hope that this time I've done enough of the right stuff to get "the call". If not, it's back to the drawing board again!

So, now I turn my attention to the next book, a sexy, juicy story of blackmail. I'm going to try a little something different with this story. I'm going to attempt to write the last third of it before I write the middle. The reason I'm doing this is because I seem to write the story start to finish and end up revising the beginning and middle when the conflict meanders off the beaten path. I figure if I know where I'm supposed to end up, getting there will be easier.

I'm not sure it will work, but I'm eager to give it a shot.

I made it to Karin Tabke's 7th round. From 74 we are down to 35. My fantasy story is hanging in there amongst some really good writing and creative storytelling.

I've also decided to try for the Harlequin Presents contest. The winner will get an "editor for a year". I could learn so much in that time. The contest opens January 1st and runs through Valentine's Day. I have the perfect story to submit.

Back to work for me. I have lots to do and as usual not enough hours in the day!