Sailing on Sundays

With the sun shining and the wind blowing, we take to the St. Croix river armed with ginger beer and rum (dark and stormy's) as well as a whole lot of food. Our twenty seven foot hunter might be over a quarter century old, but we've had a great time sailing her in the last nine months (technically 6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring/summer).

We generally spend a third of our time sailing, a third swimming in the river and a third eating, drinking and chatting. There is something so relaxing and peaceful about being on the water. We have a great crew that is always changing as schedules permit, and like having different people handling the helm and the sails. It's sort of a teaching boat. Everyone participates. Everyone learns.

And at the end of the day, we're relaxed and tired.

Today's Goal: A smooth landing
Yesterday's Achievement: Bought some really cool artwork
I'm Grateful for: Warm weather, good wind and fabulous friends to sail with