An era ends

Today I went to a funeral for an 84 year old woman. The church was packed. I've known her for over thirty years and it was fun to go to lunch later and talk about her with others who'd known her as long. Since the age of three when my parents put my on a black shetland pony, I have been horse crazy. The passion only got worse when in sixth grade I met my best friend Annie. We talked horses non-stop. One summer we leased a horse from this nice lady, Ruth Mueller. For four weeks we were responsible for this twenty-one year old horse. We brushed him, rode him, showed him and learned alot about what it meant to be responsible.

RM Arabian Ranch was probably not the fanciest facility around, but it certainly was the best place for a couple of horse crazed young ladies. Ruth's kitchen was always open to visitors. We could sit and pour over old stud books or get something to eat or drink. She let us borrow her equipment and was always there to help if we got into trouble. She welcomed everyone. When I was younger I took for granted her help. Now I look back on all she did and can only marvel that she cared so much for so many.

While I listened to her family speak about her, I realized what we took for granted was really the sum of who this woman was. She opened her home, her heart and her generosity and gentle kindness will be treasured by all who knew her.

Goodbye Ruth and Thank You.